My First Bus Ride

September 6, 2012
By AmandaFish GOLD, Draper, Utah
AmandaFish GOLD, Draper, Utah
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The steps are giant! I cling to the handrail for dear life. I take the three largest steps that I bet I will ever make in my entire life! I have on my fuzzy pink sweater with a little cat face on it, my blue jeans with the pink flower on the back pocket, my new white shoes, and my purple hello kitty backpack! I look adorable and I know it too! Despite how cute I look I am still deathly afraid of the humongous fifth graders that rule the school. All of the seats are taken by giant loud mouthed kids who pay no notice of me shuffling tentatively towards the back of the bus, in hopes to find an empty seat.

A little blond haired girl sat near the window, quietly peering out at the rain pouring down on the green Ohio grass. I pause and shyly ask,” Um excuse me but can I sit here?” She turns around and I can see that she is clutching a Hello Kitty backpack EXACTLY like mine! She smiles a teeny tiny almost invisible smile and gestures for me to sit. My heart leaps for joy! She and I will be best friends forever and ever! We sat and stared at our hands for the rest of the bus ride because neither one of us knew what to say.

I had a wonderful day at school! My teacher was so nice but the kids in my class were idiots... One kid was chewing on a block! Seriously?! This is kindergarten, people! We are mature young adults so we should act like it! I was excitedly anticipating the bus ride home because I had finally thought of a good conversation to have but when I hopped up the steps of the bus and located my new best friend for life, I was met with a horrible surprise. She was sitting with someone else. And they were laughing. Without me!

Dejectedly, I awkwardly sat next to a second grade guy who wore his impudence proudly. As soon as I sat down he turned to me and said,” What is your name?”

Thinking I had just made another friend, (thanks to my acute social skills) I excitedly said,” Amanda!!”
He asked,” What’s the color of the sky?”
“Um.. blue!” I retorted, thinking I was the most brilliant kindergartener ever because a second grader had to ask ME what the color of the sky was!
“What’s the opposite of down?”
He then burst into fits of giggles much to my confuzzlement! “What’s so funny?” I asked curiously.
He replied with,” Hahahaha!!! Amanda blew up!!! You’re so stupid!”
My six year old pride was hurt. I turned away from him, fighting back tears in my eyes. I sat, wallowing in self pity until there were only about three kids on the bus, Then the bus driver came to the last stop and all the children got off. At this point I started crying really hard. I had never seen this part of the neighborhood before! The bus driver had a mop of red hair that reminded me of cotton candy. She called up my mother who arrived like two hours later! (Okay it was more like a couple of minutes, but still!) She took me home and gave me some hot chocolate. I dramatically announced that I was never EVER going to go to another day of school again!!!


The author's comments:
This is a true story... Definitely the most traumatic day of my life ;)

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