September 3, 2012
Since last year I have lost So many I have once called my best friends in the world. I have lost a lover who wasnt any good for me. I geuss everything has to come to an end at some piont in time,huh? I just never knew that the one person I give my life to hurts me in a way that even makes me sick of myself. He hurt me so much but I still love him.. crazy, I know this. I have went all my life bein the girl who never really spoke up in class or said what she felt. I was always the girl who was to scarred of what people would think and when it came to tellin people how I felt... I never could tell them at the right momments. It was always a bad endin when i did. But you know what? I have gotten to the piont where I will be nice to you until you mess with me, my family, or any of my friends. Thats when I get serious. You might think Im a w**** or a s*** but you know what? I'm just so use to hangin out with guys because as I grew up.. My brothers were all my friends. its wasnt until 5th grade that I got my first real friends. All Im tryin to say is that Im not who I was so if you knew me then you better not think I'm the same today becasue Im nothing like the girl I use to be.

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