The Great Day on Lake Powell

August 31, 2012
By Anonymous

I woke up floating around and forgot where I was for a second, but suddenly remembered I was on the most breathtaking lake In Utah called Lake Powell. After dressing into my swim suit and T-shirt I rushed outside like a bullet to the back of the house boat were the sun beat down on my face. My uncle was sitting on the diving board hanging out drinking a beer while everyone else was in the kitchen waiting for a delicious meal to start of the day with. I waited and waited and finally Breakfast was being served. I had eggs, ham, sausage, toast, bacon, and hash browns with a Mountain Dew witch by the way tasted spectacular. After we all got done eating we were planning on what to do for the day. Later on, we finally planned on going to the cliff dwellings. They say it is the most magnificent place you can go on Lake Powell.

A little later we hopped on the boat as happy as a fat kind in a candy shop. We took off heading towards the gas station to grab some snacks and some drinks. While we were on our way to the air smelt as fresh as if there was no pollution in the air. We arrived to the station where we docked and retrieved our supplies for the day. When I came out I saw thousands of more boats than when we arrived. We unhooked and finally headed towards the cliff dwellings. After about 40 minutes later we arrived and the cliff dwellings were already pulling my eyes in. I could feel the wind burn already taking effect from the long boat ride.

We anchored the boat to the shore and started our long venture to the dwellings. We hopped off the boat and started to swim in stagnant water that had a smell of a city dump. While swimming in that water you could feel weeds tickling across your feet which felt terrible. As we progressed closer to the shore you could hear other tourists shouting out in amazement because of the dwellings which I could not wait any longer. I walked and walked .after finally arriving, my heart dropped as I took the first look. The first thing I saw was two stick figures with shields on the massive walls of Powell. The closer I could see more and more mind blowing objects appeared. There were a couple of rock and mud built houses, ladders, and fire pits. I felt one of the ladders and I could tell how many times they had used it. The whole area was a huge breathtaking scene. We spent a couple of hours taking photos and wondering around. Soon after, it got too hot so we left for the boat. Once again we had to swim into that gross water to the boat just the other way this time. We pulled the anchor in and set off towards the house boat. When we arrived no one could stand and that called for a long nap.

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its cool

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