Footprints in Our Lives

August 18, 2012
I decided we are like footprints at the beach. Now before you say "WTF?" and go on your merry way thinking that I'm just another crazy chick, please continue to read on. Now like I was saying, we are like the footprints on the beach. Except the beach, or in this case, the sand, would be the lives of the many people that we knew or know. And the footprints? They are the aftermath, the evidence of our effect on that person's life.

You see, some footprints take longer to be washed away by the sea, but we can still see them in our minds. We know it our feet had made an impression in the sand, and it's just like that with people. We know that we were part of one another's life at one point, regardless if we still are. We still hold memories of that other person, can feel the aftermath of their demise with their death or moving away or when we lose contact. Some footprints are harder to wash away, farther away from the relentless ocean, or were made with heavier steps, needing a few more waves to wash them away from our eyes.

It's like that with people. Some people are harder to forget, even the ones we wish we never met. How many times did you wish you didn't have to remember the times you were betrayed? Or the many times you lost someone? Because they left a piece of themselves, a footprint in our lives I suppose. And sometimes the sea can never reach the footprints left in their leave, too far high and deep in the sand, on the beach, to later be replaced with sand or other footprints.

Maybe I'm babbling, I feel like I am. But the point is, we leave our marks just as we left our mark on the beach, even temporarily. So be careful where you step and the lives you touch, because one wrong step and... well, you get the idea.

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