Different Things Happen to Different People

August 12, 2012
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In a little town called Greenville, there was a 15 year old girl named Brittany. Where she lives with her mom Donna, her dad Rich and her brother Anthony and her god sister Ashley.

Brittany just moved into a new house a year before and she was starting a new school. Brittany had to move because the bank lost the papers to her house, and the bank told them they had to move out in 30 days. Brittany and Anthony were mad and upset because they had to move out of the house they lived in there whole life,and move away from their friends and family. They moved in to a city over, but it was out of the school district that they went to school at. Rich and Donna told them that if they helped out around the house and didn’t though attitudes and would try to help with gas they could go to Belding.

On the first day of school Rich lost his job because his boss Paul said it was okay if he went down to Texas to get his niece Nicole, but when they were half way to Texas his boss Paul said if he wasn’t at work the next day that he would lose his job. There was no way that he could get to back by the time his boss wanted him to. And Rich believed the family comes first.

Nicole lived with her dad, who let her do whatever she wanted to do. Her dad was never home he was either at work of at the bar. Nicole went and lived with her mom for a little while but Polly would never listen so her mom had her sent to Brittany’s house.

Brittany got a job babysitting for this lady named Mey; she has 3 sons Ryan, Caden and Tygon and 2 daughters Krystal, and Samera. Tygon was special needs. The first night she was babysitting she had Tygon. Tygon had a nose tube so he could eat and it fell out and Brittany got scared to death, she couldn’t get ahold of Mey, so she called Donna. Donna rushed over and tried to calm Brittany and Tygon down.
After Mey got home she said “everything’s fine its nothing bad.”

When she was putting the tube back in he stopped breathing for a second, and Brittany started to freak out again.

Donna asked Brittany “Do you want to stay the night or come home?”

Brittany answered “Come home.”

Mey said “It’s nothing to worry about it happens a lot, if it was you with something in your nose you would want it out to.”

Things got tough around the house because Nicole and Brittany we so different. Brittany would go over to Mey’s a lot to calm down and get away from Nicole for a night. Nicole stole Brittany’s money a lot, but Nicole would say that she took it. But before the school year before they would have to go to a new school Nicole moved out for good.

Anthony stayed in the same school he was going to because it was his senior year. Brittany had to go to a new school because it was her first year in high school. The new school Brittany had to go to is a school no one at her old school likes.

On the first day of school Brittany made a new friend with a girl named Taylor she was new to this school to, they had English, and foods class together. They became good friends, they went to the homecoming dance together, and Brittany stayed the night at her house that night. When Brittany was leaving she left her heels they and she found out once she got home. Taylor and her mom wore them all around their house and got them all dirty. They didn’t want to give them back. But finally Donna went to their house and got her shoes back. They kind of lost most of their friendship after that happened.

Later on in the school year Anthony moved out, and moved in to their grandparents house which he was already staying during the week to got to school.

School was going good for Brittany then she started having uncontrollable movements .Brittany got kicked out of classes a lot because the subs didn’t know about what was happening, Brittany went to a lot of doctor appointments and started to get behind in classes. Brittany also was getting made fun of at school and she kept it all bottled up and wouldn’t tell her mom because she didn’t want her to be mad at her.
Brittany lost all her friends at this school because they started getting made fun of. Some student around the school started a rumor that someone could catch it, so no student would talk to her anymore.

As Brittany’s life went on the movements got worse and she felt more like a freak, her grades dropped way low. Brittany’s Grandparents bought her a laptop to help her out more in school.

In one of the doctor appointments Brittany found out the movements were a Tic Disorder.

One of Brittany’s teachers helped Brittany out a lot.

Mr. Fortino told Brittany “Take as long as you need with your math, you are trying your best and your health means more to me then anything.”

Brittany would always bring him cookies to say her thanks to him.

As the school year went on and was almost over Brittany was on more and more pills that didn’t work. Brittany barley passed ninth grade, but she still pasted and she was happy because she did the best she could.

Many doctors told Donna that her it’s all behavior. But Donna didn’t believe it because nothing should be happening like this. Donna and Rich did everything that they could do to Help their daughter out.

Brittany’s summer was mostly full of Doctor Appointments, and it’s almost time for school and she’s hoping that this year goes better than her last on did.

Brittany still feels out of place, but she know that everything happens for a reason and this Tic disorder is just a bump in the road and something good is about to happen.

That’s were Brittany is in her life right now.

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