Let It Rain

August 4, 2012
By Tears BRONZE, Le Mars, Iowa
Tears BRONZE, Le Mars, Iowa
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Be not afraid of greatness some are born great some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust up on ‘em.

Waking up from a loud BOOM! I walk down stairs. Looking outside and seeing it raining, a shy smile tugging at my lips. As I walk out onto the back porch, I am blasted with wind and rain. I push my arms out from my sides widely spread. As I step off the porch, I start to stretch. I walk out and onto the road starting to jog. It seems like hours have passed but the hours have only been minutes. Slowing by the bridge I grew tired, as a result I stopped on the other side. Bending down to a squat, I close my eyes listening to the beautiful sound of the thunder rumble against the sound of my own heartbeat. I place one of my hands on the ground and feel the smooth rocks shiver as a car goes racing by. As I raise my head and look up at the heavens, opening my eyes now, an astonishing flash of lightning goes by. I start to rise and a car comes zooming by and splashes me. Stopping for a moment to look out over the field I was just looking over I spot two alluring trees. Sitting on a hill, watching the flowers sway back and forth from the wind in perfect unison with the whisper of my every breath. Looking at the trees again I see how neither one is perfect. One twists and corkscrews, the other warps and arcs. Just then a stunning lightning bolt beamed in-between the two non perfect trees. That’s when the dark and gloomy clouds intertwined with the now new ravishing white ones. As they twisted and twirled together they started to make a beautiful background. At that very moment it looked like a picture from a painting, but with the blink of and eye it was gone. While I stood up and started to walk across the bridge again I realized I was still smiling. After I crossed the bridge, I started to run. That’s when the sprinkling picked up into a down pour. In no time at all I was nearing the back porch hesitating to open the door. Taking one last look at the glowing road, and smile as I bide it farewell until tomorrow.

The author's comments:
I just woke up and went for a run and this happened.

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