Success or Sex

August 5, 2012
By SharJones BRONZE, Mantua, New Jersey
SharJones BRONZE, Mantua, New Jersey
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Ultimately, each of us wants to succeed. Achieving success undoubtedly requires serious effort and commitment. In the quest for success, it is important to identify things that will help us to get there. Do you know what you will require, in order to reach your goals? The list can vary, but some examples may include graduation from a high school, investment of time and money to earn a college degree, working as an apprentice and landing a specific job. To make sure that you achieve the success you desire, it is wise to also identify things that could keep you from attaining it.

I researched online to determine if the percent of sexually active teens was as high at it seemed to be as when my teenage friends talk about it. When I read the information available about teenagers and sex, I discovered more than I had expected. Strange as it may seem, I was surprised and disappointed at the same time. Negative statistic after negative statistic filled the pages. Doubtful of the information I found, I added a variable that might improve the results: Religion. Namely, those teenagers who attend church regularly or practice a faith-based religion might improve the results. Unfortunately, the added variable did not improve the outcome at all.

When I began to think of some of my friends and associates, the outcome actually seemed very believable. Before you read on or put this book down, answer this question: Do you know of a friend, family member, neighbor, classmate or celebrity that had negative experiences because of a sexual relationship? Unfortunately, I know several individuals who have dealt with devastating issues including, but not limited to the following: Separation of family, clinical depression, loss of home, financial distress, termination from job, incarceration, diseases, and even death. Confronting the reality of numerous depressing situations that I witnessed first-hand, was more influential than any discussion or research statistic could ever be.
What concerned me most was that the risks we face because of engaging in sex pre-maturely or irresponsibly are more extensive than those previously mentioned. We all know that there are health concerns, but there are physical, emotional and financial concerns as well. The most challenging fact to accept is that yes, the dangers are real, but they are also avoidable. Here is what I believe: The key to teenagers avoiding risky activities is not in adults telling us what to do, but in our setting goals that we believe are too important to risk for anything or anyone.

The author's comments:
This is a segment from my book entitled "Success Before Sex". Profits form the book support a non-profit project, "Success 1stâ„¢" This non-profit project exists to encourage teenagers, particularly teenage females, to let nothing interfere with the achievement of their goals.

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