A Letter to Nan-Nan

August 5, 2012
By crazydave66 BRONZE, Raven, Kentucky
crazydave66 BRONZE, Raven, Kentucky
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A new you only as nan nan for the longest time with your beautiful long black and gray hair ,your pretty blue eye’s ,to your dark tan skin . I remember the day we first met back on July 20 1994 because it was the day I was first born the doctors cleaned me up and rapped me up in a blanket you were there with my granddad and the rest of my family as I was being passed around the room people wonting to hold me you were one of the first. I always admired that because from then on I always knew if I ever needed someone to talk too it was you

Growing up as a toddler mom wood wake me up every morning early before she wood go to work she wood bring me to your house an lay me down on your couch id take a nap and after that to the post office we would go. I remember seeing pictures of the crib I use to lay in made entirely of wood everyone who wood stop buy wood always ask who’s baby is that an you’d say that’s my grandson .on the sunny days papaw wood get out his locally famous green machine he’d pull it out bring it down to the post office an ask if I wonted to go with him .id tell him ok an off to hindman we’d go

Growing up in grade school during the era of the Nintendo 64 .one of my most loveable memories of you is when you wood let when at Mario cart an how you could set an play with me for hours and seem to never get tiered .how you’d always come down to my house ever morning an baby sit with me an my sister until papaw came .

The years came and went and the next thing that I remember was that you were sick things changed a lot but one thing that never changed was how much I love you I remember once when you were in the hospital it was Halloween. I was dressed up as a jail bird .me my sister Rachel was dressed up as a princess and my little cousin josh was dressed up as a lion an we came to see you in the hospital and I remember walking up to the side of the bed I saying trick or teat nan nan .I gave you a big hug .we all took pictures and me my sister and my cousin went out to have the most fun a kid can ever ask for.

The last memory that I have of you is also my sadist November 19,2002 my uncle was taking me to school that day because my mom and dad stayed with you the night before .and for some odd reason I had that feeling in my stomach the kind of feeling that I’ve learned over the years that means there has to be something wrong and I dint want to go to school this morning and it was the day I wood be signed out of school for a family emergency it was the day you died

Since your passing a lot of things have changed I’m 18 now going into my senior year of high school Vie got my drivers license and I met an amazing girl and have decided to go to collage to be a welder an part time writer .if there is one thing that I wish I could tell you its that I miss you more and more each an every day .but in a certain way I know your still here with me because when I wake up early in the morning before school I see someone who looks almost identical to you .Your daughter. A mother Danita Rae. Who looks more and more like you in each and every way .

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