July 21, 2012
By JinxxyWinxxy BRONZE, Hull, Other
JinxxyWinxxy BRONZE, Hull, Other
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Easy peasy, pumpkin peasy.

No one says life is easy but no one mentions how hard it is. No one tells you that you might end up sleeping in streets or that death could be knocking on your door. There is so many things that can kill you in life that if you were told you wouldn't want to live another morning. You know what you want in life but don't know how to achieve it. You try to please everyone but people throw it back in your face, even those you love. You realize how bad life is when you wish it was you that died in 911.Those petty popular girls who always bring you down, friends that don't even trust you. Being known as nerd or the curly haired freak. You almost forget who you are and begin to hate yourself. One day you find someone who can cheer you up, who makes you feel like a someone. They bring out back you and then you show the world you're not to be messes with. You realize life is nothing without these chances so you take those chances and make the best of them no matter what. If it doesn't go right try again. You've got to be the inspiration and never let anyone take it away from you. F*** what the world thinks, be the real you. Maybe you're not the best at sports or the smartest of people. That doesn't matter. Do it your own way and show off about it. If you don't you'll regret it. Just remember when you lose someone, they'll be watching you and they'll be proud that you're being you.

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Sharik and My Chemical Romance inspired my work. Thank you for supporting me

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