Thoughts From A Bus Ride

July 17, 2012
By , Concord, NC
1.Who invented language?
2.Will humans ever be able to fly like birds, not just in airplanes?
3.Why do we say pigs can’t fly?
4.What if the sky was purple?
5.What happens if chickens take over the world?
6.What is more terrifying, dying or being the last person alive?
7.What does W start with the “duh” sound?
8.If werewolf has roots in the word wolf man, what are the roots of witch?
9.What is the real difference between vanilla and white chocolate?
10.Why do politics always say “We will” and never “I will”?
11.Would you rather die in extreme heat or cold?
12.Who is John Galt?
13.Why do we have life without parole for criminals?
14.People hate clichés, but where did they come from?
15.How many blonds dye their hair brown?
16.Why do people like underdog stories?
17.What is being “weird” compared to?
18.Are Lamborghinis better than Ferraris?
19.Which is worse, High School or College?
20.What is the color of night? (Black isn’t a color)
21.How many languages could a baby learn at one time?
22.Do you have to cry to grieve?
23.What is being insane compared to?
24.What is the most useless thing on the planet?
25.If people get abducted by aliens, why is there so much controversy about what they look like?
26.How can we tell if music is good or not?
27.Who will be the first to get eaten during the zombie apocalypse?
28.If pop artists are so great, why do they all synthesize their voices?
29.Why do teachers spend 90% of their time in college learning how to teach?
30.If dragons don’t exist, how do we know what they look like?

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