One Choice

June 16, 2012
By AlexKristi GOLD, Denver, Colorado
AlexKristi GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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There are some things in life that we all, inevitably, regret. Some people have very little consequence after the initial act and some have huge burdens. There is no way to avoid regret nor the stinging pain that lingers long after the act is done and over with. No one really understands how much power one insignificant choice holds until it blows up in their face. The choice may not even come back to haunt the choice maker until months, years even, after the choice has been made.

The word "yes" is the fall of so many people.

Yes, I'll go that that party.

Yes, we can go to your room.

Yes, I'm fine with it.

Yes, I'll give up our friendship for a relationship.

There are things we can never get back no matter how hard we try because things can't be the same again. Because three deathly words were thrown carelessly about and there is no force that can put them back in the mouth from which they came. The pain of the loss of someone alive is worse than that of the people who have passed away.

Pain rears it's ugly head as it charges with emotion, sparking on it's back are white-hot flames. Once pain consumes it's victim the battle is all but lost. Every pore leaks with emotions of the most terrible kind: anger, jealousy, sadness. The heart is overwhelmed. It feels like death.

Now the pain has subsided but it is never gone. When he talks it flares back up and when she walks away every inch aches. We want it better. We want it gone; but we cannot make it so. So pain dwells in the least protected, the harmed, and the helpless. All it took was one choice.

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