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June 15, 2012
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1.Some things are meant to be and some things are not…..But you’re the only thing I got!

2.Though we are old, though we’ve wrinkled…but our love is still young and still fresh.

3.The feeling of your hand is just so soft….that I forgot what feathers felt like.

4.My world spins when I’m with you, my world spins when you break up with me.

5.That one word…gave me life and that one word…broke me apart “LOVE”.

6.Can I wish upon a star and pray that I never met you?

7.Wind flew, water drew, time went but still you wait.

8.Though hate is a strong word but love is stronger.

9.How I missed those little memories and now I regret that I actually lived it with you.

10.Get up…because I will not jump from a building called Love again.

11.Once you fell…you’ll never get to go back again.

12.Love is nothing but a myth.

13.Love is destruction.

14.Don’t you dare suicide for that Love which actually didn’t care for you!!

15.When your heart breaks…you break.

16.That word “over” is like a brick that breaks your heart.

17.Friends swear to support but then why in need they betray?

18.What’s new? – Boy
Nothing…just fell in love with you again – Girl
Oh! – Boy
And you’ll throw me away again – Girl

19.Partners are supposed to love not abuse.

20.If life was a fairytale where prince loves princess and never lets her go but dude in reality princes do come but uses princesses and throw them away.

21.Do NOT give up until you breathe your last.

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