Marching Onward

June 11, 2012
By Nixon Vongviloy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Nixon Vongviloy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Parents wishing and hoping that I do well in high school, reminds me of that of monks wishing climbers to have a safe journey through Everest. Physically they are nothing alike but ideally they are the same. My first day as a freshman was my journey to base camp. Feeling a little hesitant as a normal reaction but then adapting without losing anything important, morally speaking of course. My trek to base camp was successful.

I’ve made it to first semester with my fellow comrades the A men. (A) Men are still holding strong even till now. Hitting base camp they are at risk of becoming (B) men but they are still strong. After resting we headed on ward to camp 1. This will still be a learning experience for my team and myself. The decision I make affects the outcome of my team. Especially saying I am leading this expedition. I will get them to the summit and back safely.

By motivating my team we made it to the ice falls a dangerous risk with many crevasses. One false move and it will affect the team my men. We are at the finals. Continuously moving without looking back at the bodies of other teams, who have given up but we will keep moving no matter what obstacles. Nor gap that comes in the way we will climb this mountain.

Witnessing other teams give up is sickening to see especially when they are trying not to quit alone. Seeing many others quit you think to yourself, “fools they are” but as you are moving it gets to you. The weather has been very unfair to us but we will not stop. We’ve come so far use so much equipment how can I stop now? With this thinking my team will get to the top of Everest. My only worry is that once I am there will I come back down and move on? We have made it to camp 1. We have gone pass our first obstacle. You would think I am glad but why do I feel so cold? Is it going to end here? No it’s only the beginning, I will continue onward for the monks, for the people back home, and for me. After the summit I will come back down and move onward to the future. (For the citizen of tomorrow)

The author's comments:
I have used a metaphor of the climb up everest to my feelings this freshmen year thats coming to an end.

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