The Deepest Sleep (Sequel to The Funeral)

June 6, 2012
By FrozenInChaos SILVER, Cottonwood, California
FrozenInChaos SILVER, Cottonwood, California
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"Oh, Children. Shame on you. He just wanted to be your friend,..... and you exploded him."

She opened her eyes & took a deep gasping breath. She was lying down in a dark, dark place. “Where am I?” she wondered. She cried out for help, desperately seeking aid & information. Her mother was the first to hear her mourning cries. She reached into the drawer, & in a final attempt to save her dear child, she placed her on the charger. She waited patiently for the results. Soon, a tiny apple with a bite out of it appeared! Alas, her child had nearly & gratefully escaped death! She embraced her but didn’t dare remove her from the iHome device, at risk of further damage. She had awoken from the deepest sleep there is.

The author's comments:
My iPod didn't die after all!

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