Determination At It's Finest

June 6, 2012
By brookem74 BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
brookem74 BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am determined. I am where I want to be. I am the student I've always wanted to be. I am, for what to believe, able to reach my vision of successfulness.

I sit in physics class on a chilly winter day in January in an old, dirty, wooden table. I am the only student that is there in class, early. I page through my aqua blue planner organizing my upcoming week; soccer workouts, soccer games at the local YMCA, errands to buy my mother her surprise birthday present, and next week is homecoming week, so I have plenty of committee meetings for student council to attend.

I come home, and walk through the back hall into my bright yellow, tidy kitchen. I slowly march to the fridge to pour myself a glass of ice cold, refreshing water, and all I can hope for is to go upstairs and snuggle in my brown warming blanket. Something catches my eye, and my semester report card hangs on the fridge. My mom always likes to hang them up there to show them off like a gold medal. Nervously, I snatch the white paper off to take a look.
Top to bottom I read Physics, English 3, Spanish 3, Chemistry, Gym, and Yearbook all had A’s! I suppose that those long cold nights, and pulling up to my yellow house hours after dinner time, and knowingly still had books upon books waiting to be pulled out from my pink Nike backpack was stressful. After seeing those grades a bright smile came upon my face, but that was until I saw the last grade. I read, Algebra 2- B+. I couldn’t believe it, and all semester I was determined to raise that grade up. The night before the semester exam I made the best toolkit for the test to use, and I knew that if I at least would have gotten an A, I would’ve gotten an A- for the semester. What did I do wrong? I did every extra credit problem that was offered, and I even did the daily math journal for extra credit. I was determined. After seeing that, I rushed upstairs into my brown blanket, and grabbed my HP laptop to check what I actually got for percentages. I looked, and as the blue page popped up on my screen it displayed that for the semester exam it was an 89%, and for the semester grade, it was an 89%. I couldn’t believe it, but at least now I’ll know that for next semester I need to work even harder, and it was that one percent that really held me back from my goal.

As I write this essay for you I ask myself this question; am I good enough? Hopefully you can see that I am worthy enough to attend your school. I am the person that has the correct work ethic, and who can balance multiple responsibilities. Therefore, this is why you should choose me, Brooke because I am the student that you want.

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