June 4, 2012
By Anonymous

My dad... as a kid everyone knew him.He was the class clown who visited the principals office on a regular basis. But i think it was all a show.A show he put on everyday,from the minute he woke to the minute he went to sleep. A show to hide his real feelings because he didn't want people to see how broke he really was inside. I think people try to hide how they really feel; i think people in this world would rather be mad and act bad, then sad and depressed. He was a sad, depressed kid because of death. The death of his father that happened when he was about twelve. He grew up without a father, but with a messed up mother. My Dad was good a putting on his show everyday,then and even sometimes now. I think like most people who put on shows, he was just scared and felt alone. Like no one else was there for him. The way people act on the outside, i sometimes think like it has nothing to do on whats in the inside. The reason to put on a show can be different for everyone. Whether for the reason being to hide whats going on in their lives, or to pretend something that's there isn't. My Dads reason was to hide his true feeling though. I feel like inside my Dad is still sad. Hes someone who is grown up now, but still has the same feelings he had as a kid. Sad,confused,and lost...Who try's to get by each day,maybe by doing drugs, or trying to drink all of his problems away. But those are just temporary solutions to permanent problems that need permanent solutions if you want to fix them. Because after the buzz goes away the problem is still gonna be there. My Dad isn't perfect;no one is,but his life is messed up right now. He needs to get his act together, not just for himself but for us too. I really do miss him;he might not be the perfect Dad but he for surer isn't the worse. I will always love him but he needs to find permanent solutions to his problems.

The author's comments:
Sorry guys,I'm planning on giving this to my Dad, but i would really like some feedback before i do so. Thanks so much.

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