Bullying Scares

May 28, 2012
By Chacharlie BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Chacharlie BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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Bullying hurts everyone. Not just the victim of bullying but the families, friends, and people around them. Bullying is more than any reporter will understand. The media blew up bullying, and now bullying is a problem. Everyone has been witness to one form of bullying. However, some forms are more severe than others.

I have been bullied a lot. Mostly from this one guy. It goes back to elementary school. Let’s call the guy Kyle. Kyle would make fun of my appearance. People would “try” to be his friend so that they do not get bullied by him. Those years with Kyle I began to have a really low self-esteem. I began to gain weight and become more self-conscious. My mother would ask me if I was “ok”. Though I knew it was wrong to be quiet, I would do my best to hold it back.

Keeping quiet made school much harder for me. Since I would not fight back, I would get the worst treatment in my “social” life in school. Being alone was my escape. My mother would always want me to spend time with her and the family but I would want to go to my room and cry. I would get into fights and I would be called every swear word in the book. Though it was only elementary school I have grown up with the sense of being reserved. For example, my friends always ask me why I get pushed around by other people. Honestly I do not know. I have accepted the fact that I get used; however it hurts when I realize it or when a friend points it out.

At the moment, I am a high school student. I still have not fully stood up for myself. Though now I am trying to make myself known ass the person I want to be, I am still afraid of being shun from people around me. Today I try to speak up and not trying to be pushed anymore. Even though there are problems that come from standing up for one self, I believe it has to be done.

Earlier I have started that the media is one of the reasons bullying exists today. This statement I believe is true. With the violent movies and the bad influences from television and radio, kids are influence in having a negative impact on other people’s lives. However, there is another impact for bullies. The neglect peer pressure, or wanting to fit in. as I grew, Kyle apologized for all those years. He told me his life story and I felt bad. Kyle was not the most liked person in his family and he would often run away and wouldn’t have friends only those who were close to him because they were scared of him. Bullying affects everyone not only the victim but I believe that now it leads to more violence and depression which leads to death. Bullying needs to stop.

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