Middle school

May 30, 2012
By holly kuchling BRONZE, Airville, Pennsylvania
holly kuchling BRONZE, Airville, Pennsylvania
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They laugh and call me fat the first day of starting a new school. I instantly want to cry. I feel like I don’t belong and like I will never have friends. I manage to restrain from the tears as I walk further into my homeroom to take a seat.
“I wish I could be the same as everyone else,” I think to myself. “I wish my depression wouldn’t let it get to me.” I take a seat and at least one person begins to talk to me. She was about my size as well, which I believe was the reason she talked to me. Mostly skinny people talk to skinny people, and bigger people talk to bigger people.

My thoughts are going crazy in my head. “Will I be treated this way the whole year, or will it stop?” as I proceed through the day I find myself hating the school more and more. No friends, getting bullied, nowhere to sit for lunch, and I’m starving but too embarrassed to eat. My god, I wish I had left Baltimore. People are way more laid back and less judgmental. I can’t even walk into a classroom without feeling like I’m getting judged. I want out of here. As days go on in this school I still feel insecure. I met a few friends by now, so now I’m not so alone. But the constant judgment is still getting to me. I get my lunch and I will walk by and people call me names. I am at my breaking point.
Months go by and I am starting to feel a lot better. I have gotten called less names each day. Then everything just fell apart again. I was walking by a few girls with my friends and the girls said “Hey new girl!” how they said it, it was not welcoming at all, so I just proceeded to walk by. As I kept walking they said “Okay fatty don’t answer me.” It hurt very very badly. My friends tried to comfort me and tell me it would be okay and that it wasn’t true, but I just let it get to me more and more. I just felt alone and helpless. But time continued to move and start getting better, I began to lose weight and started gaining more confidence. People stopped making fun of me and I started feeling more comfortable. School started going a lot better. Life at the Middle School was very hard and frustrating, but I finally overcame it!

The author's comments:
This is a personal experiences i have went through and overcame.

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