What the Teacher Taught

May 29, 2012
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“…but teacher, how do you teach me so much?” And just like that, she taught her another lesson. Sometime you don’t need words to make a point; you just need the sweet music of life. Notes can spell a beautiful message, write the most beautiful love poem, and, even, paint a master piece beyond words.

Her teacher is a beautiful craft. Some say, more beautiful than the rarest jewel. The deep voice comforts her and lulls her to sleep every night. While her friends choose a higher voice and something more common; this girl chooses to stand by her teacher.

No one got why she picked her teacher, but she knows exactly why. Her teacher speaks a language so beautiful, only few speak it. Some of the most intellectual people in the world can only dream of what Sarah has learned.

Her friends never got her, but her teacher did. Every day she would learn something new and beautiful.
And every day she is reminded of the lesson she learned that first day, “Whether human or thing, anything can teach you if you let it.”

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