Why doesn't we do something about all the violence?

May 28, 2012

Why don't we do something about all the violence?

Violence is wrong and for those who don' t know that, and also use it should get a properly punishment. Nowadays you can find all kinds of violence everywhere.

When are we going to stop this? We're going into the wrong direction.

The statistics on assault has increased the past few years.About 27,300 cases of assault against women aged 18 and over were reported in 2010. And then you can imagine how many assaults that doesn't get reported. And those who actually get reported usually don't get the punishment that they deserve.

Many of the guilty doesn't even get any punishment, or the have the right to appeal the crime to get a lesser punishment. When it comes to such serious crimes as assault, it shouldn't be allowed to appeal the crime. The judgement that has been taken at the first place should be the punishment that the guilty one should have.

A few years ago it was a middle-aged man who assaulted his partner, here in Falun. They had children who saw this right before their eyes. The man beat and harassed the woman for many years. But it took a long time before the police finally found out about this. Once the judgement was taken, he got six month in jail. But he appealed the crime and got three months community service instead.

Let's say it was your mother who was the victim. First, she get beaten and need to have a surgery and then she need to stand the fact that she can see the man who beat her when she's going to the store or sitting on the bus or something like that. She lives in fear. Isn't it right that she should have the opportunity to feel a little safe? By knowing that the guilty one have got his punishment?

In many countries it's still "okay" with violence. And by having tougher punishment for violence in Sweden, maybe we can make clear to other countries that violence is wrong.

A world free from violence is hard to get. But worth a try, right?

I do know that we are not in the right direction. And the thing is, that you can find violence everywhere. You can even buy toyguns to small kids. Do you want your future children to be raised in a world where you can watch violence on TV, where you can kill other people in tv-games, where violence IS a game, and where no one does anything about it?

I get so angry when I think about it. Seriously, who is so damn stupid to buy toyguns to their children? I would NEVER do that. Because if you do that, you learn your child that it is okay with violence.

Something I noticed just here at school are all these "violent games". People laugh and watch when people pretend to beat each other. I don't understand the fun. The truth is that I feel pain. Because I have seen violence in my own home before, and memories and pain comes back as soon as I can see something like this.

And I know that there are more people that me that have witness violence or someone who even was the victim. I don't think that those people would start to joke about violence and use it like a game. And I don't understand how other people can think that it's a game. Because it will come a day when it is no longer a game.

Try to laugh then.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I've seen my own mother being beaten. It's an event that I will never, ever forget. It hurts inside of my, to just think about it. So this article was hard to write but I want to inspire people. Both people who have been through the same as me, and also those people who maybe use violence. Violence is not a solution of your problems, always remember that.

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