The Sad Night

May 25, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a sad night in the house. As the day went on, the children started to realize that something wasn’t right. As the children died easter eggs for the upcoming Sunday, they realized she was becoming ever more uncoordinated, and strange. It almost turned into a game at one point. The eldest of the children knew that she was hiding something but he was too afraid to say what he thought it was, so he merely kept asking her: Are you hiding something? As the sun started to set, things were turning bad. The children knew that she was indulging in alcohol, but wouldn’t go into the back closet to find it because they were too afraid of the reality.

It all came tumbling down in one quick painful moment. This time, as the woman made a retreat from another trip to the closet she fell. The children heard the crash and quickly ran to the staircase to see her and the white side walls next to her covered in a crimson stain and the woman holding a wine glass, and looking disoriented. At this point, there was no hiding it. The children all knew what it was, and looked in utter pain, feeling betrayed as the mother tried to say it was only grape juice.

Within minutes, the father returned from a weekend long trip to pick up a piano. As he walked in the house to see the stunning scene his heart broke, and for the first time his children saw his tears. The tears were that of hurt, pain, and pure rage though all the children knew of tears was sadness. He felt betrayed that his wife would do this to the family and break it in such a way. Unfortunately, his rage got the best of him, and he made the pain even worse. Instead of seeing the problem as his wife trying to fill a void in her life in the wrong way, he merely saw it as her selfishness and lack of care for the family. The father escorted the barely conscious mother to the master bedroom and told the children he was going to have a talk with mom. The children were anxious for what was going to happen next. They were broken inside and knew something terribly wrong had been done even though they couldn’t really understand what had happened.

From this point, the story ends from the children's view, and the next thing they saw was their mother coming home days later from the hospital with a wristband and white gown. They were cautious of her for a day or two, but soon life resumed its normal course.Fortunately for the children, they didn’t really see the worst, which happened on that sad night in that bedroom.
The rage in the father, the hurt in the mother, the broken relationship, and what went on between the two parents was all hidden in that bedroom on that sad night. As the father came home and walked his wife up to the room and shut the door, anger was coursing through his veins and waiting to explode. All the children heard from the room were a few low whispers, then bangs and shudders in the downstairs chandelier. They had no idea what was going on, but the reality was the beginning of a broken relationship between a husband and his wife. The husband’s anger poured out as he beat his wife, and whispered the most condemning things to her. After an hour of lecturing and whispers screams and beatings, the husband didn’t know what to do, so he took her to the hospital out of his rage and kind of just threw the wife to them “Here. Take her, she is drunk”. The doctors realizing what was going on, and after quickly examining the wife told the husband to calm down and that he won’t be able to see his wife for two days. They knew he was abusive so they kept him from the wife, and nourished her.

After this point, the rage starts to diffuse and the hurt set in. The father came back home and tended to the children. After a few days the wife came back and surprisingly, the father’s anger subsided; however, the question is: did the anger ever really go away?

This tragic event scared the family and resulted in a lack of trust between family members. No one wants these types of things to happen, but they happen all the too often. The question to ask is why did it ever start? Why did the wife turn to drinking even though she claimed Jesus her savior and greatly cared for her children. I would suggest because she didn’t put her everything in Jesus. She was holding on to something and not trusting God completely, and as a result missed the richness of fully experiencing God’s grace. If you put your trust in Jesus, he will never let you down, that is a promise. He wrote a 66 book love letter to guide you, and backed it up by dying to save you. She tried to fix her brokenness with a bottle, but found it didn’t work. Some of you might view drinking as just a joke, but it isn’t when it ruins families and smashes lives. This wife attempted to drink away reality because she couldn’t trust in her Lord to fulfill it. There is only one thing that will make this life sweet. I hope that you find it.

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