May 30, 2012
By Anonymous

A lot of people who live and work in Burien including the police are judgmental about people who skateboard and ride BMX. People have accused me and my friends of doing drugs and loitering while we were just resting from skating. These people are prejudice about people who ride BMX and skate.

Me and some people were jumping a new stair case in Burien and the Condo manager called the cops and said that he called because we refused to leave after being asked. But that never happened; the manager just assumed that we would refuse to leave. So he questions us about the situation and forced us to leave with a warning.

I have gotten kicked out of so many places for skating like Starbucks, Qfc, and the library, to name a few areas in Burien. At Qfc me and a few others were skating by the loading dock and they told us they would call the cops if we went there again. I also got followed through Qfc because I had a skateboard to make sure I didn’t steal anything or to make sure I didn’t break something.

Me and my friend Jake were skating in front of the new library and someone who walked by called the police and they went to the library just to say leave and don’t come back for the rest of the day. This even happens at school, I have been warned not to skate there multiple times but this time was different; I went there with my friend to get his drink out of the fridge so we just coasted onto the property and when we got inside they wrote us referrals. I didn’t care though that was the one time we really deserved it.

There are times when it’s reasonable like at my school and there’s stuff that doesn’t make sense like getting followed or calling the cops when you can tell us to leave and we will leave. People don’t understand that there is a way to tell when there is someone bad or someone who just wants to buy something and skate around.

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