Denay Weatherby

May 23, 2012
By DakotaR BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
DakotaR BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I was sitting in the ass.principle office talking about how they are going to remove me from drama because I and the teacher didn’t see eye to eye, and the only class that was open was this computer class where you take extra classes online. That was great for me because I would be ahead credits for graduation. So I was being sent to this class that day to start on the online class and let me tell you. When I was walking out of her office I was so nervous and so scared of what was to come, what if I didn’t know anyone in the class and what if I don’t fit in. Will I have to introduce myself to the whole class? What if they boo me from the front of class? So I walk into the class and everyone just stares at me like why are you here? I got the normal nasty looks from other who doesn’t accept me for being who I am; I got the warm smile from the other kids, the normal face reactions. So I am told to go find a seat by this tall bald man who was not at all intimidating. But I guess he is to others apparently. So I am looking around the class for people I know and there was only one familiar face I saw. His name was Brian I know him by through a friend but I didn’t actually know him. Next to him was this brown hair girl working and there was a seat next to her and the seat number was 19. So I go and sit next to her and she smiles at me all warm, with her bright smile I felt safe even though I didn’t really know her!

So today is May 23, 2012 and tomorrow Thursday May 24, 2012, and it’s her last day. That girl I met on my first day her name is Denay. She is one of my good friends and she is graduating and it’s the senior last day tomorrow and she is already getting all emotional. I laughed at her and told her we will hang in the summer. But I wrote this to tell you that on my first day in the class she made me feel safe and normal, and I thank her for that. I am going to miss her; I hope college treats her well! With that one smile she gave me she made a long life friend, I wish more people were like her!

Dedicated to: Denay

The author's comments:
This is simply for Denay Weatherby

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