Writer's Block

May 21, 2012
I can't seem to over come the villain that is writer's block, it haunts me everywhere I go, I see inspiration that could make for an amazing story yet I can't seem how to form the words on the page. This dark cloud hangs over me that just follows me where ever I am. Imagine a shadow that follows you, my writer's lock is like my shadow, it doesn't go away (unless I go into a dark room but then how am I supposed to write?) I've gotten suggestions from all over yet nothing helps, I've tried to seek out better placed to ease my concentration yet I'm still confused as ever. Writer's block is a force that shouldn't be messed with yet we mess anyway because we know that somehow we can get passed this wall in our mind, there has to be a way! And somehow I will find it for I'm not done with this fight against the seemingly invincible, I'm just getting started.

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