Dear Mean Girls

May 16, 2012
By LorenaAngel2723 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
LorenaAngel2723 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Dear Mean Girls,

I’m the girl you pick on, the girl you like to see miserable so you try to put me down every which way you think of possible. Truth is, I feel sorry for you. You like to talk about other people just to make your life more interesting and to make you feel better about your own insecurities. You love to see girls like me fall down to their knees crying and just torn apart by everything that is said and done to us. In reality, you are a cruel heartless girl who will do anything to gain the power to do what she pleases, by lying and making up stories. I feel bad for girls like you. There are many different reasons why you are the way you are but no one knows why, but yet all the problems you stir up are for no reason. Do you not have a good family life? Do your parents not show you love like you should be shown? Or are you just another girl who thinks she’s the ugly duckling. So she feels powerful by only doing what she knows she can do. Do you hate me because I have the body you wish you had? Do you envy me because I have beautiful women features that you don’t have? Do you wish me bad because you want me to end up like you? Alone, sad, and unhappy.

What have I done to you? Ive never hurt you, Ive never talked bad about you, and Ive never disrespected you because I know everything you do isn’t right. How about putting yourself into our shoes? How does it feel to be betrayed by someone who you thought was your friend? How does it feel to be laughed at and talked about when you’re not around? How does it feel to be alone and scared when you Have done nothing wrong?

Maybe one day you will think back on all these things you did to us. When you find us we will be successful young happy women when on the other hand you are still unhappy and miserable. It’s funny how the tables have turned. So before you go off and start another rumour ask yourself, why?

The Strong Women

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