The Transition

May 15, 2012
Moments tick by as the days slowly fade away. Your body and emotions slowly change as they morph into a new you. Our body adjusts as we are introduced to new information that we are expected to know and the new rules we are expected to follow. We all change but to what extent?

In the past six months since entering middle school, I have accomplished a greater outlook on life. As we age, we become more understanding of things. When we were younger we would most likely not understand what the concept of a war was or the impact they have on our country or us as individuals. The impact that a single war would have on the United States has finally become fully understood to me as a citizen of this country. In just one hundred- eighty days, I have become more knowledgeable about events occurring in our society.

While you continue through the different grades in school, someone stealing your cookie may slowly progress into someone stealing your phone or breaking into your locker. We might cry over little things while young but that must change when you grow older, which is a reason why we become able to cope with more as we slowly become wiser. For me, I have changed the most since I have entered the sixth grade. In the last six months I have become able to cope with more mentally and am no longer worried about the little issues many dwell upon.

My vocabulary has improved tremendously since I have entered the sixth grade gifted language arts class. I no longer use all the smaller words that are often used in academic papers. My writing has also showed a dramatic change since the beginning of this school year. Academically, I have advanced greatly this year.

As we are often seen while young, we are more unappreciative and ungrateful. While younger we do not “value a dollar.” We did not understand why we were told no when asking for a toy or a shirt in the mall, which is another reason I have changed, just this year. I can now understand the saying “money does not grow on trees” and the fact that we will not always get what we want, when we want it. I can now understand the fact that the new Xbox game is a want and not a necessity. This year has rewarded me with a better understanding that we do not need everything that we want.

In the transition from elementary school to middle school, I have changed the most I have ever in my life. The changes I feel are for the best. The way I have changed this year will continue to help shape the person I will be in the future.

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