First Deer With A Bow

May 14, 2012
By Moe Howard BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
Moe Howard BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
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One day my dad brought me home a bow to hunt deer with. I had killed several deer with a shotgun before but never with a before. I was a little confused at first but then I got the picture I was going to hunt deer with a bow that fall.

Fast- forward three months.

I had been practicing with the bow my dad had brought me home one day back in the summer and I was pretty good with it. I had been hunting roughly two weeks with that bow and I was sort of getting tired of bow hunting I hadn’t even seen a deer. But finally I got my break that day…

I had been sitting in the deer stand for several hours and I was absolutely freezing. I had come back to my stand before daylight and had been waiting and watching intently but nothing had passed through. So I had dumbly sat my bow down on my stand and had pulled my arms into my coat to warm them up. Then I heard the woods come to life behind me I turned to see nine deer walking single file down the trail. I knew that if I grabbed my bow they would see me and run so I just sat there and watched them pass through they never knew that I was there.

I had warmed up because of the adrenaline because of the deer but I was really torqued off because of my stupidity of setting my bow down on my tree stand. But then I heard the silent twang of my dad’s bowstring. He had made a shot at one of the deer. He was in his own tree stand about three hundred yards away. I quickly grabbed my bow and stood up. I heard the trees and bushes shacking and crashing as the deer were coming back to my stand. This time I would be ready.

Back all of them came crashing and smashing through the woods. Finally they slowed down to a stop all of them right under my tree stand. I could see the one my dad had shot with his bow the arrow was still in the deer. It stumbled and started to fall but it got back up. The deer were becoming increasingly nervous and seemed, as though they were about to run.

I quickly singled out what looked like one of the bigger does of the group and hooked my release onto the string I then pulled back the string, set the second pin on the does ribs and let the string go.

It is different shooting any animal with a bow rather than with a gun with a gun it is different there is a loud noise and a recoil and smoke but with a bow its quite there is no noise there is no recoil and nothing is bothered by it other than what you shoot at.

I heard the tell tale audible thud of the arrow hitting the deer and I saw it running through the woods for about fifty yards and then all I could do was hear it I waited about thirty minutes and got out of my stand and went and got my dad we found my deer first about a hundred and fifty yards from my stand. Then we found my dads about a hundred yards from my stand. I was a little surprised that we found both of our deer. It was a very sucsessful morning.

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