Life and Death

May 13, 2012
He looks so scared and alone. His mom and dad are gone. Imprisoned for what they have done. How could they do this to something so little, so helpless.
He has tubes coming out of him. There were so many you could barely see there was life behind them. He died, now he is back not knowing when he would die again. Not knowing anything. His brain injuries are so severe they don't think he will live through the night. He looks so different then he did just hours before when he was playing and talking in baby talk. Now he just looked lifeless. He will hold your finger, but only enough that you know he is still there with you. Two months from now her will still be alive but he will never be the same. never be able to run, walk, or even lift his head up. Never be able to talk, giggle, or sing. Never be a "normal" child. In two years he will be about the same only being able to move in a wheel chair. He will never know what the future will bring. If it hadn't been for that one day, right know he would be would be walking, talking, and playing. That will never happen now but we can't change time so now this is how his life will forever be doomed to. The only time he was ever normal was the first six weeks of his life. And from here on out it will be a day to day guessing game of life and death.

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