May 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Pretend. Pretend you have the perfect life. You’d be living the good life but unfortunately we all can’t live that way. Most people know me as a quiet shy kid. Well there are a few reasons behind that. My new life is my goal for this year.

My dad makes everything turn from good to bad in a second. Well my dad is an alcoholic and he drinks every night and day. It’s been like this since I was five and it has gotten worse over the years. My dad would beat me if I didn’t get a him beer and until this he still kind of does this to me. Liar. My dad would say to me every week that he was getting help and that he loved me, which has never happened and never will. My life will only change if I choose to change it myself.

Cutting. It’s something bad, something you should never do, but it’s something I do. My dad has been the reason behind my cutting for four years now, and I just started going to therapy. Cutting isn’t always the way to solve things but for me it is. Crazy right?! My cutting and my father have put me in the hospital many of times. For me to say that my goal is to have a new life is something hard to imagine. I’ve finally moved out of my dad’s house and I am now living with my mom. Things are starting to turn around for me which is a shock to me. My dad is nothing more than a piece of my past.

Hopefully my goal comes true. Now that you’ve thought about your life compared to mine, do you honestly think your life is all that bad? For this goal to come true will be a miracle, a new joy to my life. So pretend you’re living a good life all the time and eventually it’ll turn out great.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece last year for an English project and now I decided I was going to put it on here. Just so everything knows, I've stopped cutting and my father has got the drinking under control now. He is now part of my life and I hope to keep it that way. I hope you enjoy this near and dear piece I wrote.

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