What Is Life?

May 10, 2012
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Life is full of love to heartbreak, of happiness to sadness, of exciting new things to boring old things, of new friends to old friends. Life is never the same after new experiences. Every aspect of life sums up into one amazing factor. In the end you determine your life. The way you live it, the people you love, the people you hate, the people you try to impress, the people who you think mean the most to you. Every single little thing all adds up to impact your life in any way possible.

Life is about taking the hard way out of things. It’s about leaving to take the curve instead of going straight, instead of someone teaching you the basic rules of life. In fact, though, there are no rules to life. You make the rules and decisions that will impact you the most. There is no guidebook telling you that one day you could be happy if you do this, or if you do this, you’re going to be sad. There is no list telling you the basic fundamentals to a happy and fulfilling life. You begin and complete your own book, in fulfilling your own life, if you please. It will always be about experiencing new and youthful things, from drinking your first soda to saying a difficult word correctly for the first time. You feel accomplished and feel that nothing could ever stop you at any moment. It will always be about fulfilling your dreams and aspirations, making yours dreams into reality. Life is completely fulfilled if you live it to the sharpest and fullest it could ever be lived.

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