The First Day of School

May 7, 2012
By daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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It was Wendy's first day in High School she was very nervous she had saw a couple of movies and she had already saw how High School was going to be and she was really scared. When Wendy's mom drop her off in the front of the school she saw Wendy's face and told he it was going to be o.k. Wendy tried to believe her mom but she knew that High School in movies were really scary she had saw groups of gangs and popular kids that bullied the other kids and took their lunch money away from them Wendy felt even worse remembering those things that her stomach started to hurt and sweet that she stared to feel dizzy. Wendy finally got off her mom's care after begging her mom that it was better to came back next week so she could be more prepared.

The school looked very normal nothing like Wendy had imagined or had saw on movies or TV shows, as she went inside the school she saw a couple or her friends, they went together to find their classes and have a look around the school. Wendy realized that the student in there were very friendly so as the teachers and the principle was very young and had blue bright eyes and a Colgate smile. Wendy realized that school wasn't as bad as the movies showed. Wendy now knew to not believe all things that they showed on television that it was better to see the things for your self and see how things really were.

The author's comments:
Personal story of my friend hope you enjoy it.

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