Family is Like Faith

May 7, 2012
By daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
daniela gonzalez SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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Spending time with your family is really important because those may be the best years of your life and you know you can always count on your family.

Marco was a boy that loved her parents but he liked more spending time with his parents but he liked more spending time with his girlfriend or his friends but mostly partying. Marco never spend time with his parents not even on holidays he was always partying or spending most of his time with his girlfriends family. Marco's parents always complained that he was never home and how much important could it be spending time with other family than his own family. On Christmas Eve his mom got really sick and his dad was working. When Marco's dad got home and saw his wife on the floor he got really scared and called an ambulance, they took her to the hospital. Marco's dad called Marco and told him what had happened, Marco got really worried so he went to the hospital right away. When Marco got to the hospital the doctor told him that his mom was really sick and she may die if she didn't get through the surgery, Marco started to cry. The next day Marco went to church and prayed and at the end he promised that if his mom survived he would always be with his family no mater what. That night they called Marco and told him that his mom was well now he got really happy then the doctors told him that it was like a miracle and right away he remembered his promise and from then on he would never separate from his family no matter what.

The author's comments:
A personal experience that would make you realize what your family is all about.

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