Fear Drowning My Feelings

May 1, 2012
By BunnyBabe15 BRONZE, Corona, California
BunnyBabe15 BRONZE, Corona, California
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As a girl at a point in your life you start having feelings for a special somebody. In my case these feelings started in the beginning of 9th grade 'til this day. Throughout those years a certain boy seems to make me lose track, and make me go crazy. To me he is a perfect person there could be, in order to make a smile on your face. First of all he is a very talented person in which I admire. It seems we both have similar interest and goals . Though it is very hard to start a conversation with him. I am a very shy person when it comes to face him and talk to him, and usually he only talks to friends or people he knows. Every time I see him it makes me blush, and at moments like these I try to avoid him. This doesn't stop me, I still feel a spark of love. What people think about us doesn't matter, and we are confident of our beliefs, and actions. As you see I have feelings for him , but fear wounds me, and then kills me, and forces me to say “Hi” or “Hey” and that's it nothing more than that. Inside me I feel crazy for him, but its the anxiety that takes me to the lowest level in which it controls me. Having him for a couple of classes is a blessing to me. Everyday wishing I'd have him by my side. Hopefully with time we will become best friends, and if faith, and life lets us we might become more than friends.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my PUENTE class its a L.A honors class. This is an autobiographical, theme: CRUSH
Hope you guys like it. E-mail for feedback please!!!!! :)

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