My Seven Deadly Sin: Wrath

May 1, 2012
By LoveToWrite13 BRONZE, Kingman, AZ, Arizona
LoveToWrite13 BRONZE, Kingman, AZ, Arizona
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To finish your thoughts is to have a clear mind of what you choose to protest. Maybe your thoughts come from the things you wish you had, or what you wish to be.

Anger sits on top of your shoulders, like a volcano waiting to burst with red, sending the devil a hello.

Being angry has no excuse, but the lack of having anger is one thing to not being normal. Whether it being school, a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, or a parent must be the new nerve of anger.

I use anger when something has been bothering me, or if the thought of writers block sets in and the irritation increases.

I can say that frustration leads to anger, as if one of your friends extends your finger, closely touching your skin, but they never come close within your contact, but then saying, "I'm not touching you!"

Seemingly, I want that hard piece of glass to break, but it only cracks an inch further than what the glass should be doing.

The devil might think anger is always the answer, but I feel that anger is a disease, enough to give you a heart attack.
Anger makes people bitter, like Adolf Hitler, because people told him that his artwork sucked, so Hitler decided to go on a rampage, and started to blame Poland for his problems, leading into World War Two.

The author's comments:
My Creative Writing teacher wanted us to read part of Anne Lamotts chapter of Jealousy, and so therefore, my Creative Writing teacher wanted us to have a feeling that connected with the seven deadly sins.

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