Who Am I?

May 1, 2012
By kuraitenshei BRONZE, Nash, Texas
kuraitenshei BRONZE, Nash, Texas
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Life is like the ocean, its full of crap.

WHo Am I? The angelic vixen that captivates his mind and leaves his heart in a state of disarray? Or aam I just some fool who listens to what my heart wants to hear but am blind to what my eyes show me? To them, the wave upon wave of ignorant masses that surround me, point at me and say that I am nothing, that I will always be less than insignificant , that the very foundation of the goals and dreams that I set to achieve in my life are meager, to them, I am inadequate, to them, I am just a bad joke that is told and told until finally the punch line is forgotten and left to rot in the back of the comedian's mind. When you see an ant on the side walk, do you stop to call it a fool? No, it isn't intelligent enough to be branded with such a title. It isn't competent enough to be worthy of a social class in life nor is it able to comprehind the very essence of its existence. The ant will just flip on its back and die in some ditch on the side of some road in some God forsaken land. Yes, to them, I am that ant. Just a lowely insect awaiting its fate at the hands of its superiors. But, to me, the ant is strong enough to carry ten times its weight and couragious enough to venture out into that big unknown world in search of its purpose. To me, I am a fool because I have the audacity to look upon the very cosmos that told me I am nothing, that said I will never be anything but a puppet whos strings are controlled by an ignorant leech sent to suck my soul dry of love and happiness. I stand here a proud idiot, because unlike my peers, I have never learned to be impolite and abusive. Yes I am inadequate, because I have flunked the barbaric school of procaciousness and have not graduated to become a "donkey" like you. What you call ugly, unattractive or grotesque, I sayu look in the mirror honey, because it takes one to know one. So again I ask the question, who am I? well, I am you, you, and you. I am the people too proud and magnificent to stoop to the idnorant masses level. I am graceful and full of beauty and who knows? Maybe one day you can be as foolish as me.

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wrote for me friend

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on Jun. 19 2012 at 1:04 pm
PurpOreos SILVER, Macomb, Michigan
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Keep smiling...Because life is a beautiful thing. And there is so much to smile about!
"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" Benjamin Franklin

Wow! This is super deep and powerful. I love how you use the ant as to what your comparing to. One of my favorite lines in this is:"What you call, ugly, unattractive or grotesque, I say look in the mirror honey, because it takes one to know one". Keep Writting you have a gift! (: 


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