April 28, 2012
Bullying!It has to be stopped.I have been bullied almost all my life and it has affected me severely.I have been scared to try to make friends,I'm scared of even going around people because of it.Because of bullying teens are cutting themselves and committing suicide;I was one that attempted to commit suicide and it wasn't fun.If my little brothers wouldn't of persuaded me not to then I probably wouldn't be where I am now.I wouldn't be able to help stop bullying or prevent it. Every time I see someone get bullied I not only go tell an adult I trust, but I also get between whoever is bullying someone and I tell them that they need to stop and think about how they would want to be treated and try to make friends instead of scaring them.Because of how I know how it feels to be bullied It helps me to prevent it a little.I didn't think one person could get almost a whole school to stop bullying.
It has to be stopped NOW!If it's not families and friends will keep on loosing people they love from bullying and no one wants that fr anyone.Bullies only bully people because they had something bad happen in their life,it could be their parents fighting or getting a divorce, or people not treating them correctly. A saying that I go by is "Do unto others as you'd have done to you.".It works very well for me and my school and I love to spread the "Golden Rule" around to others people because they realise that what they do to others isn't correct at all.I am still working on preventing it in my neighborhood, and it is going pretty well.
Please help me with spreading the word and prevent bullying.

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