Everyone Is Weird

April 19, 2012
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I believe that everyone’s best trait is being weird. I found this to be true in the most unusual way!

When I was 10 years old and in 5th grade, I always felt different. I felt like I didn’t really fit into any specific group. I thought that I was weird and a lesser person than others.

I was not singled out or picked on, but felt left out of the common flow. I felt different mainly because I didn’t really enjoy the same things as my peers. I was more mature than other people. I did not like doing silly things and running around like they did. I felt because I was like this, that I was the odd ball out. I still managed to find friends. I felt weird at times because everyone told me I an accent. That made feel out of place and more self-conscious.

When I was eleven and moved on to middle school, I was worried that I would feel even worse. I thought everyone in the new school would still be the same.

To my surprise I found other people who felt exactly as I did. I made new friends and also rediscovered old friends. I found one friend who really understood what I meant and she taught me that everyone is weird in their own way. She always reminded me that everyone felt the same way as me. This meeting of my new found friend really opened my eyes and helped me to feel better.

This changed my life completely. Now I am able to make new friends all of the time. I also began to embrace my other hobbies more. I normally would keep my hobbies low key because of the fear of being of being discriminated against. I am a huge Lego fan and I would never show anyone all of my works, until I actually found others that shared the same interest. I then began to show people and realized people actually respected me because they thought it was cool.

Some of my old and new friends began to show me some of their weirder hobbies too after I started to tell everyone my belief.

I think I helped others by telling them what I know now. I began to have closer friendships and I hang out more. I think without having learned this, that I would be a much less happy person. I now approach life with a much happier and welcoming personality. With this philosophy, anyone is able to find new friends and discover old friends too! Everyone has their own weird traits. If everyone begins to embrace this idea, then they can begin to express themselves. Believing in yourself will allow you to not miss out on many great opportunities.

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