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April 19, 2012
Going on a vacation can be stressful, especially traveling across the country with 10 people and only 2 being adults. You have all the typical travelers, the one who is scared of flying, the one who never stays with the group, the one who is always hungry, the one who never stops talking, the one that argues with everyone, the one who is constantly singing, the obsessive texture who never pays attention, the one who has to be right about everything, the crazy grandmother but in this case the mother, and the one with the antagonistic personality. The travels become more difficult when you have every type of traveler with you.

Going to a place like Disney Land or to a water park is a typical place to take a bunch of kids, but not according to my mother. We traveled from Maine to San Diego, California but we only stopped at one of the biggest airport’s with less then 10 minutes to board the next plane. Did I mention the gate was on the complete other side of the airport? If you have ever seen the movie ‘Home Alone’ you would understand why that is so terrifying. 10 people with 15 bags and carry-ons hauling through a airport can be a excited amusing thing to watch but being the one running with a suitcase is not as amusing. Having almost missed our flight was just the beginning of our difficulties faced on this trip.

As we got to San Diego around 1 in the morning you would think everyone would be exhausted, but not a Veregge. I guess it was the California air that got everyone all hyped up.. Or maybe the fact we were finally in California for our 3rd time. We had 3 days before our cruise was leaving. Believe it or not we had very limited options for activities in San Diego for 10 people 8 being obnoxious teen’s and pre-teens. After literally a day of deciding we went on a tour of the city. San Diego was a beautiful place, the schools were nice, parks just for dogs and even a street with ALL Ice Cream shops! Kid’s heaven right there. Keep in mind that there were only 2 girls out of the 8 kids. If you asked them there favorite part they would say the nice fancy cars, typical guys.

As the day to board the ship slowly approached the fighting broke loose. If it wasn’t me and my sister it was the twin’s or everyone else. We finally got on the boat after a 2 hour wait in the blazzing California sun. It was my nephews first cruise so it was a emotional moment for them (they were crying) haha. Well as we got on the boat the imagery was breathtaking, glass elevators , shops, water slides, buffets as far as the eye could see, arcades, clubs, candy shops,Ice cream shops, casinos and more. It was so classy until the Veregges showed up.

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