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April 17, 2012
By deadlydaughter BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
deadlydaughter BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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This is a story is about a family that loves each other and always sick together. My story is still happening today. It has been happening for almost my whole life. My family is the best thing that has happened to me. They are the most important thing to me. I’m going to tell you the story of my life and what God has done in it. This story is sometimes serene but sometimes it makes you want to cry.

My story starts on September 21, 1996. That was the day that I was born; it was the day that my mother and father became a mother and father for the first time. I was born two weeks early. They didn’t know what the future brought all they knew was that I was one of the best things that had happen to them. I was not born into a rich family; In fact, my mom and dad were living with my grandparents’ house. My mom came from a fairly large family and dad came from a missionary family. I was about three months old when it all started I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was in the hospital for one month I spent my first Christmas hooked up to a oxygen tank. I was given so much antibiotics that for the next four years I had many yeast infections, and the way that you make them worst is you eat large amounts of sugar and that’s what I did. I was addicted to sugar.

Fast-forward six years later, I was ten years old. By now I had three brothers and one sister. I was in the fifth grade and I was 170 pounds. I gained 10 pounds every week and this was not good. I would sleep from 7:30 till 10:30 in the morning if my mom let me. All my movements were very slow. Finally one day my mom took me to the doctor and we found out that I had hygmoto thyroidtist. (It’s where my thyroid was not producing enough hormones for my body) It was so bad that at any minute I could have heart attack. So she immediately put me on some medicine that would help my thyroid.

Now fast-forward to this March, I had another case of pneumonia. I went to the emergency room. They put me on a antibiotic that you usually only give sixteen year old so guess what I got very yeasty again. My liver enzymes where very high but they thought that was because I was sick. So they just left it alone but they did give me a lot of potassium because that was low and they sent me home when they told me to eat a lot of potassium. Then about a week or two later my mom took me to a GI track specialist. The doctor told me to get a upper and lower GI. The results from those were that I had chromes disease. Then they wanted to put me on steroids but my mom and dad drew the line to that. My mom was determined to cure me naturally and so I did all of her treatments and I went to natural doctor such as a chiropractor that was an old family friend that cured himself from limes disease. I also went to another family friend, who does micro current and then I went to another natural doctor who had a system that helped to find the type of natural medicines that I needed and what I should and shouldn’t eat. (Such as chocolate and caffeine but my body does like coffee) So know my life and diet was changed forever. But through the whole time I never stopped believing that God would heal me as he says “I have plans to help you and not harm you plans to give you a hope and a future.” My parents started a prayer chain and out of the blue people started to donate money to my medical stuff so that I could get all of the treatments I needed. Now I have been healed from chromes disease and remember those high enzymes they are still there and they are life threatening. So God, my family and I still have a big adventure ahead of us. They had been going down but they just went up again. So on this upcoming Monday I am going back to Denver to talk to Dr.Monk (The doctor that tells me what medicines to take and what to not eat) again so that we can find some new medicines to help with this, and I am going to a Liver specialist and deciding what to do next.

It’s been hard for my family but I think we have gotten closer in this journey. I know that I have gotten closer God and I thank him for everyday I still have with my family. As I said this story is about my lovely family and now I have shared it with you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about all the people invocating for me even though I don’t know half of them. My family is right behind my they are the reason that I keep going. When I’m around them they mollify me. I love them and my life. I have a feeling of presentiment today and every day. Thank you for listening to my story, and I pray for God’s blessings on you and your family.

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