big red and scary

April 10, 2012
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My heart was beating so hard you can see it popping out of my shirt.Every direction i turn i hear people screaming and loud whooshing. that's when i decided to get on the intimadator. i have gotten on ever ride but that one.also it was night time since it was scarawinds. my heart kept thumping louder louder and louder as the line got shorter. people came out with a faint tear and terror in there eye. then i saw the coaster seats come at me. when i had to sit down i was thinking to back out. i still stayed thinking i was going to kill myself. the ride started. with sweat on my face and fear on my eye as i looked down and saw how far i was off the ground. my heart was beating like one hundred miles a hour. when the first drop was over i noticed that i had nothing to fear. after it was over i notice that i had nothing to fear.

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