The Pain of Break Ups

April 8, 2012
Remember when people say: it is better to have loved than to never have loved at all? I feel that is a lie. My experience has emotionally scared me for the rest of my natural life. My boo and I was having a amazing relationship until she came. Her name was Sasha. She was meanest girl at my school but every boy loved her. she wanted by boyfriend, i knew alright, but she wasn't getting him as long as i was near him. i guess i became overly excited and followed him around like a little puppy but it was to protect our relationship or whatever. after about a week trying to make sure she stood as far away from MY MAN as possible, 1 of my friends told me that my boyfriend had already hooked up with the little stank. I asked him if it was true and he said yeah. i screamed and cried and kicked him in his junk and we both knew that was the end of our relationship. after that, boys been asking me out like crazy. Lucky Me.(i guess) :(

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