an innocent life

March 28, 2012
By DUR-Grl BRONZE, NewYork, New York
DUR-Grl BRONZE, NewYork, New York
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if u want a happy ending it all depends or where u stop the story.

A young white girl, dark hair blue eyes looking for someone to stand by her side. On my first day of school I looked up to you because I had nothing else better to do. To comfort me he made me laugh. Now I see how time has passed. Time... is long & cold. Who was once young is now old. An innocent life is a story untold. I find myself, changing slowly for the worst. But I pick myself up because I’ve seen others burst. An innocent white girl is all you see. But none of you know the real & true me. I doubt you want to so let’s keep it that way. We can all just smile & say ok. Will I forget the time he left me cold? When I was only 10yrs old? I won’t have an answerer; I’ll just nod my head, close my eyes & sleep tonight instead. I go to school & meet people like you. I can swear they were sent to see me through. But they all leave so fast & as I ask myself why; I’m once again left alone to cry. I learn about life, how it's not easy, I know. So now comes the time where I get to go. I get to prove myself & stand up straight. I get to smile & I get to say. I get to do what’s on my mind. An innocent child with no innocent life. But I don’t hang my head in shame. I look at life like it’s a game. So I’ve taken my turns & I’ve screwed up. I’ve definitely cheated more than once. But this doesn't mean that I am done. So listen real close about what you hear. Then think about what just appeared. I'm in front of you, I’m standing here. So tell me now am I unclear? An innocent life taken from my hands & replaced with where I stand.

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