Big Questions

March 31, 2012
I mean big questions about guys. You know I think I'll never understand them. I know girls are very complicated, and this is not a feminist or freaky advice from a depressed girl whose boyfriend has juste broke up with. Or just a little. I'm 16, perhaps it's a bit young to talk about true love and things like that. I should believe in true love, but I don't. I admit I had lots of boyfriend, who weren't really prince charming. The best was the first, and he lived too far away from me to keep this relashionship. Well let's talk about the others. Maybe I was too impatient to find the good one, but I found only jerks who just wanted to take their ideas away, or have sex. I assure you I didn't do anything... But it hurts a lot... To see that guys doesn't care about feelings. Or are too proud to care. I'm starting to think that gays ones are the only who can. All of my friends are used to say me: "don't worry, you'll find the good one and blablabla" or other say "you should be happy to have already had boyfriends!" What a horror to hear something like that from my all-life-single-friends' mouths... They have the chance -the big one- to still dream about true love, to watch films without saying sarcastic advices about Romeo who's kissing Juliette... Okay, that's not completly true, but there's a part of truth. Now I find it hard to trust people, it seems like I have never made friends before, like I couldn't smile anymore. I know it makes me afraid. I'm afraid of what I'm becoming. I'm afraid of being an embittered girl who can't talk to anyone and looking into his eyes at the same time. If you don't know why a 16-french girl is telling her desprate life with an awful english grammar and vocabulary , neither do I.

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