Be Thankful for What You Have

March 22, 2012
By jesshoffman BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
jesshoffman BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
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My parents have embedded in my mind since I can remember, the idea of being thankful for what you have. During my years growing up I didn't really understand what they had meant. To me, everyone in the world had the same opportunities that I did. Not only the same opportunities, but the same lifestyle that i was given.
The view that i had seemed to quickly change, upon my start of school. Some children that surrounded me on a daily basis didn't have as much as everyone. There were fundraisers healed to raise money for families in need. For my classmates in need. There were clothing drives and gift drives. Although I still did not full understand why we needed to have them. I learned more and more as I grew up in elementary school. I finally understood that not everyone had everything that I was given, and decided I wanted to help.
The event that really made my parents message stick out, was volunteering at a local organization, Philabundance. This organization helps families in the Philadelphia area attain food, clothing, and other items humans need for basic hygiene. While sitting in the volunteers room, the people responsible for organizing the event showed us a video. This video expressed the thankfulness that these people had to the organization, along with the stories behind how this organization helped them and saved their lives.
These people were Americans. These people were part of my community. And I was complaining about what I didn't have.
These events changed how I thought. They made me realize not everyone has the same opportunities. And finally, they made me truly thankful for what I have.

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