What is a Meaningful Song to Me?

March 18, 2012
By KnightWriter BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
KnightWriter BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
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It was my first football game ever. Well it was acutely my first time playing for the team itself. I was so nervous. We had lost all season. Not one game was a victory yet. My team was counting on the fact that I could hold that line until the referee blew his whistle. We got to the field and started our game. For the first half I was worried that I would mess up, that my man would some how break through the line and sack our quarterback. By the end of the second period the score was tied up six to six. We received a lecture from our coaches at half time on how we should have been winning and we needed to do better. I was tired and very cranky. If they wanted to see some results with the giants I was facing then they could get themselves out on the field and work! I had no back up for this game so I had to make it through the last half without a break.

We just got back in when I realized that I had a new guy to guard. This guy was fresh and ready to go the last half of the game. That’s how he got past me on the first play of the second half. My coaches yelled and they screamed. Thecouldn't’t believe I had just let my guy though and cost a few more yards. After that I was angry. Here I was working my tail off and then I got put against someone fresh off the sideline. It was then that I decided that I wasn’t about to let anyone else get though, and that’s just what I did. Not one more guy got through the line.

Then it came down to what seemed like the most crucial part of the game. We were still tied and we had the ball. With only thirty seconds left in the game we had to think fast. We had one play that could make a touchdown if every line men held his man for two seconds longer and then ran down field taking out anyone in the way of the runner. I knew I couldn’t mess up on this one. The quarterback called the play. We got into formation and the quarterback yelled hike. I held my guy as long as I could then shot off like a bullet. Within seconds I was ramming into other players, making a path for the runner behind me. I rammed into as many people as I could and well, to skip more theatrics and stunts we made the touch down with five and half seconds to spare.

After that I could only remember my team shouting and screaming at the fact we had won our first football game. The whole bus ride home they only cheered and sang the song “We Are the Champions”. And that is the song I chose, because after that game that is just how we felt. We were champions!

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