March 16, 2012
By jade.l BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
jade.l BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Ever since I was 3 or 4 years old I did all sorts of outside activities. For example, horseback riding for 4 years, syncronized swimming for 6 years, gymnastics for 3 years, ballroom dancing for 4 years, irish dancing ever since I was 5, and a lot more activities. When i turned 5 we moved into a new house up on he hill. The new house had a jungle gym and being the 5-year old I was of course i went on the monkey bars first! Not being able to jump off of the 8 ft. tall monkey bars my hands slipped off and i fell. Landing on my arm it sapped in the opposite direction from where it bends.

I soon went to the hospital and had to quit all of my activities. Soon my mom then signed me up for irish dancing! Just like she did when she was younger. In irish dancing you have to keep your arms by your side. Considering that I was unable to move my arm it was perfect!

After the first class ended I fell in love with irish dancing! It became a huge part in my life. Every single day I would got to class and love every second of it! I used to be extremely shy, but by preforming on stage with my friends and having fun it has made me more confident to be myself!

I have a background of irish dancing because even my grand parents on my moms side did irish dancing most of their life. Not only did they do it when they were younger, but they are entirely irish! They currently live there. Without irish dancing I would not be the person I am today. It makes up who I am, its a big part of who I am as a person and has a special part in my heart. I would be an entire different person if I did not break my arm 9 years ago.

The author's comments:
That little short story is my childhood and how i became my self! Without things that have happened in the past i would not be me today.

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