life = drama

March 14, 2012
By Anonymous

its been a while since the last time i open this site. The last month ive been having a good time, i felt happy again and three nights ago i thought about for how long i had felt that way and that life must be planning for its master plan to change its course...( i am very superstitious and i thought that maybe for bringing it up in my mind bad things wil soon happen) effectively, as i predicted something that changed the course of this month happen.

We had final exams on february and somebody in the class had the second most important exam, a black market was created. I wasnt going to buy it so i decided to study, unexpectedly a friend told me that she had it and i studied it, everything went okay and the next exam was the most important. This time 3 friends and i had the test, we share it with a friend of ours, this friend late at night asked me for the answers but i told her to ask someone else cause i was layed on bed already. I soon discovered that she was mad at me for that, she didnt expressed it and i figured she got over it. later on a friend had the english test, i wasnt aware of that until the day of the exam and i didnt even payed attention to it. A week after the exams were over my friend asks me if i had the english test and i answer i didnt, i saw him the day of the exam and she got all weird. today she send a message to me and the friend who had the english test saying how mad she was with us about it, that she felt like we werent true friends. I talked to her and took care of the problem and now im in suspense waiting for the reaction of the 3 of us. Im just tired life always involve drama.

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