Songs of Freedom

March 7, 2012
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Tears trickled, cries uttered and vengeance sworn. Blood stained arms held a martyr’s body. ‘I will avenge you,’ sobbed Malek over his brother’s lifeless body, ‘I will not give up until your eternal soul is avenged’. With a final hug, he laid his beloved’s head on the sacred ground for which he bravely died defending from the monstrous tyrant.
However, there was no time for grief and sorrow, and as he wiped his tears, a comrade’s hand reached out to him and helped him stand tall and ever powerful on his feet. He had to persevere, for his brother, for his country, for freedom. Oh sweet, sweet freedom for which his people have sacrificed so much for: sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers.
A bloody revolution, a revolution like no other, plagued by death and misery and betrayed by its most loyal allies. It was a revolution destined for failure, but together the people fought for their country, together they overcame every force on Earth, together they overcame every obstacle to save what they truly believe in. Hand in hand, he marched forward forever with his immortal brothers, forward towards liberty or death, forward towards victory and nothing less. With thousands behind him, he led the peaceful, unarmed protest to the tyrant’s horde of murderers, either to perish or to live for eternity in body and soul.
They marched bravely, they shouted fearlessly for justice and freedom and motivated by their infinite, valiant martyrs. Their roars shook mountains and erupted volcanoes, their thunderous cries of righteousness echoed through every city, befalling the heart of a tyrant and causing injustice to tremble before them. Wherever these glorious men marched, more would join their cause. The revolution grows stronger with every new soul which believes in it and it will eventually overpower the ruthless tyrant and overthrow his twisted ideals.
Suddenly, gunshots were heard. Malek felt something pierce his chest and as he looked downwards, he saw his blood flooding. He has been shot, his heart ached, and his time was near. His feet couldn’t hold him anymore, so he fell on the ground. His throat couldn’t roar anymore so he lay down in silence, but he didn’t regret anything. He took his final gasp of air with a smile across his face, a smile of victory for after all, he sang the songs of patriots, he sang the songs of justice, he sang the songs of freedom.

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