To Live Under a Rock or To Forget Myself

February 28, 2012
By Anonymous

“Can anyone tell me what Nick says after the argument between Tom, Daisy, and Jay,” my English teacher asked in his usual friendly tone. The kind of tone that make students enjoy listening to their teacher, as if what they’re being taught is actually important. “It was rather peculiar but if you read between the lines, it should’ve spoken volumes to you.”
A friend of mine raised her hand and he motioned her to answer. She said “He said that he just realized that it was his birthday.”
“That is correct. And what could cause someone like Nick to forget something as important as his own birthday?”
There was a pause of thought and then someone answered that Nick had become so involved in the drama of the rich that he had forgotten himself.
The teacher nodded and then asked “Do you think we are like Nick? Do you think a lot of us have become so involved with the rich and famous that we’ve forgotten ourselves?”
Some, like me, said aloud “Yes”. But the teacher could tell that the majority of the class was unsure of how to answer and he gave an example.
“How many of you know who Kim Kardashian is?”
There was a hearty sound of the majority of the class’s acknowledgement. Except mine and a maybe a couple others.
“No, who is she,” I asked. This made the majority of the class gasp in astonishment. Then they explained to me that she’s this famous girl on a reality TV show who just went through a bad marriage. Apparently it was no surprise to the public that it lasted as long as it did, or lack thereof. But then someone’s voice on the other side of the class was caught by my ear.

“You’d have to live under a rock to not know who Kim Kardashian is.”

I couldn’t help but scoff.

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