Dear Anon, From Yourself

February 28, 2012
By Anonymous4Anonymous GOLD, Florence, Alabama
Anonymous4Anonymous GOLD, Florence, Alabama
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"I do not intend to tip-toe through life only to arrive safely at death!" -- Unknown

Dear Anonymous:

Shunning the thoughts that run through your mind, you wonder. You dream.

Will you ever see him again? Will he ever remember you?

… No, probably not.

Why would he? You are sure you had no lasting effect on him. He was surrounded by pretty girls and they were absorbed with him. You were not. You said hello and WALKED AWAY! How stupid is that?!?! And the feeling of his eyes following your movements as you walked away was not true, you knew that. Playing hard to get is difficult if the person you like does not like you back.

You’re smarter than that. And think of this: he could be abusive. He could be a jerk. Why would you want to go out with a jerk?! Why would you want to find out? It would be GREAT the first couple of weeks until both of you could not keep up the charade. His true colours would unfold. And there’s nothing you could do to stop it… Other than not dating him, of course.

If he WAS awesome, but NOT into you; you could just be friends. That would satisfy your cravings for attention, right? Right.

Why would you want to risk anything like being hurt? So you can blush? You know you hate to do that. So you could learn some life lessons? You have plenty of time for them, so why now?

You do NOT have to have a boyfriend to be complete. You have to love everything you do and be independent. Think: He might slow you down. Distract you from what you want to do! And life lessons?! PFFT! There is no real need for REALTIONSHIP life lessons! You can be happy and not date anyone. Have you ever thought of that?! HUH?!? Of course you have.

All you needed was a wakeup call.

Your own self.

The author's comments:
This is the speech I give to myself every so often. Why has it become a fact of life that being in a relationship makes it a requirement to be happy?! Why is it nobody thinks we're happy when single?! I'm happy! I love being single! Some others might, but I'm not judging them, and nor am I shoving my beliefs on others. You you don't like my 'letter/speech' then okay. Don't flame. These are my views, and thank you for reading!

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